Sporty Spice woke up in the bed of some apparently rich person. It looks like gold-flake paint on the headboard, she thought. I can't believe I'm not dead, she thought.

Dressed in some man's suit, she eventually found her way out of the big empty house onto a sidewalk in an unidentifiable city. Pleasant enough, apparently springtime, little children walking to the park with their nurse.

She found a half-pack of cigarettes with an Ohio tax stamp, cluing her in as to her likely locale. She began to walk in the over-sized oxfords, choosing to walk down the least expensive street at each corner. Destination? Ghetto!

Six months later SS was singing for the Next Nothing and soon was paid a record-high advance by Universal Music Group. Sporty quit before the first recording session. She disappeared into the Los Angeles dusk.

Sporty Spice re-appeared in London, always talking about Tokyo.

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